Pedini Kitchen Designs

If you are looking for Pedini kitchen experts look no further than Trevi. We’ve built up years of experience advising and designing Pedini kitchens, carefully curating designs for your space and brief to fully maximise the aesthetic and functionality of these incredibly beautiful and high quality kitchens. We know every nook and cranny of Pedini design to help you create your dream kitchen in our South London showroom.

The starting point is finding a collection that excites you and fits in with your design aspirations. From there we carefully craft your individual design, bring in independent elements and finesse every detail right down to worktop, tiles, taps and appliance design.

We’ve taken a look at four of our most popular collections to give you a taste of Pedini kitchen style.


The Arkè kitchen program is characterised by contemporary shapes and styles in which very different high quality materials blend. Creating a modern and eclectic feel Arkè is the highest expression of individualism as it pairs a wide range of materials, finishes and colours with a variety of luxury wood options to create standout design. The design maps out a path to create adjoining environments with simplicity and easy.

Your colour choice in finishes is endless with a wide variety of tones and materials to choose from including laminate,lacquered, wood,metal, glass and gres doors.


The search for balance between design and comfort is at the heart of Artika. Artika reworks its shapes to enliven the space with harmony, simplicity and curves, creating a universal language with a focus to unite family. It was a breakthrough design which introduced the original curved kitchen.

Artika is characterised by its curved base, floor and wall cabinets, in addition to a radius edge detail on both top and bottom of the front panels. Opening of the handleless fronts is via a continuous horizontal aluminium “L” profile and the Pedini innovation of drawers in the curved units maintains the uncompromising functionality of this kitchen.

A range focused on lacquered doors the colour choice is wide with glossy, opaque, micro textured, oxidated metals and antique metals to choose from.


Arts & Crafts refers to the couple “vintage & innovation”, and sets a new life-style design for modern kitchens. Maximum customisation allows you to create a kitchen studio where the broken up elements introduced in the concept planning merge and integrate perfectly into the final design.

The result is a space dedicated to contemporary living and identified by working areas where the elements effortlessly connect – from a cooking and washing up area, island design, storage areas, appliances areas, snack preparation areas, functional cabinets – the working spaces perfectly integrate and combine with free standing and wall mounted units.

Choose from our lacquered door options, add in some woods from our spruce and walnut range and metal highlights can add to the finished studio effect.


A curved line is without doubt the main Dune characteristic that has the Pedini imprint. Also a clear Pedini trademark is the custom designed cooker hob/sink, that integrates into the specially shaped worktops. The balance of taste, style and functionality is enhanced by refined aesthetic choices, full of enchanting smoothness – simple but definitely effective.

The kitchen delivers a unique contemporary handleless kitchen design which has a naturally free flowing form. Opening is achieved by a groove on the leading edge of the extra thick 23mm front panel (base units) or by a vertical aluminium profile (tall units). Drawers in the curved units allow Pedini to offer this remarkable kitchen design without compromising the environment, ergonomics or functionality.

Glossy and matt door finishes dominate the collection, but you can also blend in micro textured and oxidated or antique metals as well as oak wood finishes and contemporary glass fronts.

Hopefully this has given you inspiration into the world of Pedini kitchens, where innovative Italian design exudes from all of the collections to deliver world-class kitchens that fit into your home and lifestyle.

The Trevi showroom showcases one of the best and most extensive examples of Pedini kitchen displays in the UK. Our ground floor models and samples allow you to truly appreciate the fine details, stunning aesthetics and innovative design features that make Pedini one of the most-sought after names in kitchen design. Pay us a visit and let us help you design the perfect Pedini kitchen for you.

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